Game Instructions

These games were all re-engineered from distribution disks. The copy-protection has been removed, but as a result the start-up instructions vary. We've tested each of these, and they seem to be functional copies of the originals.

Sword of Kadash

DSK Archive

This program was distributed with two disks. One (side A) is the program disk, and the other (side B) is the character disk. IMPORTANT: Make a backup copy of the "side B" file, "Kadash-b.dsk". As you play, the data on this side changes. When you want to start a new game, you'll need a fresh copy of side B.

If you make a backup copy of "side B", you can ignore the game instructions about making a "Character disk". This process simply copied "side B" to a fresh disk. With the Apple emulators, it's much easier just to make a new copy of the file "Kadash-b.dsk".

To start Sword of Kadash, start your emulator with side A, "Kadash-a.dsk", in "disk drive 1". When the bracket prompt appears, type "RUN KADASH". (Leave off the quotes!) When you get to the choices, put your side B copy in "disk drive 1" and choose "Enter the fortress".

Sword of Kadash will work with a joystick or the keyboard. The following keys control movement:

U  I  O

J  K  L

M  ,  .

The SPACE bar "fires".

Expedition Amazon

DSK Archive

This program was distributed on a double-sided disk. To start Expedition Amazon, put "side 1" into "disk drive 1" of your emulator. When prompted to "turn your disk over", put "side 2" into "drive 1" and you can play the game.