Role Playing and Strategy Games

image image We also published a couple games that fit into the fantasy role-playing genre, which was already dominated at the time by the Ultima series written by Richard Garriott of Origin Systems, and the Wizardry series by Bob Woodhead of Sir-Tech Software. Penguin's offerings in this category were Expedition Amazon, by Texan Willard Phillips, and Xyphus, written by Skip Waller and designed by Skip with Dave Albert. Bob Hardy also worked his magic with a neat Macintosh version of Xyphus. Both sold modestly, but few had much success breaking the Ultima/Wizardry lock on this market niche.

image Expedition Amazon DSK archive

image We published two of John "BEZ" Besnard's programs and already mentioned Arcade Boot Camp. John self-marketed dozens of clever and very well-written programs as "BEZware". Most were of the strategy variety like Pensate. He sent us many others, but we couldn't keep up with him! We thought it would be really neat to eventually put together a compilation of his work, but unfortunately that never happened. Pensate is an original strategy game, kind of in the checkers/othello mold... or maybe a little like chess. It definitely wasn't the typical flashy action game of the time, but we took a chance on publishing it and it sold modestly well.

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